Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting Ready for The Holidays

October is nearing the end, the weather is drastically changing and 2009 is rapidly coming to a close. After the Annual IAWP Conference the holidays tend to sneak up on us rapidly. The cooler temperatures trigger the holiday spirit (unless your in Australia and Africa then the hotter weather will be your trigger). Depending on the calendar you observe you are celebrating New Year, Thanksgiving, All Saints Day, Hannakah, Christmas, etc. "The Holidays". The Holidays are marked by "Family". Spending time with our families is key.

Now days family can look very unique. The people you consider family are decided by you within your heart. The people who have grown up with you, supported you and cared for you as you grew and continue growing. They can be by blood or by choice. They enter into your life and do not leave because of a divine connection that keeps you together for life.

During these holidays make it about the family. Spend time with the ones you love. Host a hot chocolate, tea or coffee activity that brings the people you consider family together to enjoy decorations, fellowship and getting reacqainted. Let this be the year you do one of those family holiday letter or a family photo holiday card. I find these holiday greetings to be the ones I really enjoy. Facebook has made this expression of Family fun easy to share with all your Facebook friends. Just remember not everyone is on Facebook and not everyone is your Facebook friend. So try the old school (traditional) post office delivered greeting as I mentioned above. The time you take to share your year and your families accomplishments will definitely make your friends happy.

Enjoy your Holiday Planning.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Keep Praying

Allison is showing marked improvement. Thanks everyone for praying for her. Keep praying. Allison attended the IAWP Conference in Denver and is a Denver PD Offier. For more info please read my previous post.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pray For Allison Casias

Please keep Allison Casias from Denver Colorado in your thoughts and prayers. Allison took ill suddenly on October 6, 2009. She had complaints of a migraine headache by October 7, 2009 she was unable to speak and was rushed to the hospital. According to Allison's Journal posted on a CT scan revealed she had blood clots and bleeding in the brain. Allison needs our prayers.

Please pray for a healing. Pray for wisdom for the doctors to administer the proper treatment and pray for her family and friends as they stand vigilantly by her side through this illness. Keep them all in your thoughts.

For updates you can monitor her families post on and I will keep you posted as more information is revealed to me.

Stay Safe,

Chaplain Dow

Officer Milburn Beitel's Final Arrangements

The atmosphere was still, the mood was very somber as I entered the officer this morning. So quiet I had to look for occupants. The silence was in honor of our fallen and our brave officers. Our department has lost two brave officers and we still have one struggling in the hospital for his full recovery. Detective Ignacio Pulido lost his battle with a life threatening health condition on October 3, 2009 and was laid to rest on Friday October 9, 2009.

As previously mentioned in my last post Officer Beitel passed away in an automobile accident while on duty with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on October 7, 2009. His partner who was also injured in the accident, Officer David Nesheiwat remains in stable condition, and is improving daily. At this time a full recovery is expected.

A mobile home has been set up by the Injured Police Officers Fund (IPOF) in the parking lot of University Medical Center (UMC) for officers and citizens to stop by and pay their respect to the family and friends of Officer Nesheiwat. They leave cards for a speedy recovery and encouragement to the family.

Services for fallen Officer Milburn “Milli” Beitel.

Visitation Services for Officer Beitel will take place on Tuesday, October 13th, 2009, at Palm Mortuary, 1325 North Main Street from 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.. A short prayer vigil will follow beginning at 7:00 p.m., and lasting for approximately 30 minutes.

A Funeral Mass will take place on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009, at 11:00 a.m. at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Roman Catholic Church, 1811 Pueblo Vista Drive in Las Vegas. Interment will immediately follow.

Officer Beitel will be laid to rest at Palm Mortuary and Memorial Park Green Valley, 7600 South Eastern. At this time the route from the Church to the Memorial Park has not been determined.

Friday, October 09, 2009

LVMPD Officer Milburn "Millie" Beitel III

Two Officers Involved in a Rollover Accident

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department lost a warrior early in the morning of October 7, 2009 in service to his community. Officer Milburn "Millie" Beitel lost his life in a rollover automobile accident. Officer Beitel was 30 years old and has been a member of LVMPD for 5 years.

His partner is fighting for his life and listed in critical condition at UMC. I am calling my fellow officers, citizens and prayer warriors to action. Let's call down healing for this surviving officer. Let's believe for a full recovery. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Completing a shift each night is a blessing every officer holds dear.

The funeral arrangements are still pending.

The Injured Police Officers Fund (IPOF) has established an account for Officer Beitel's family at Nevada State Bank, account #602029423.

Condolence Cards can be sent:

To the Family of Officer Milburn Beitel
c/o The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
400 E Stewart Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101


Thursday, October 08, 2009

LVMPD Officers Injured in Rollover Crash

Please pray for two officers involved in this accident. It happened @ 930pm last night. Details are unfolding. I will keep you posted. They are currently in our UMC Trama Center reportedly in surgery. Pray for grace and healing and for the family, friends, and colleagues (co-workers) of the warriors. Five months ago we loss Officer Jamie Manor to a tragedic car accident.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ollie Heads To Vegas to Join the Dow Family

After watching the adventures of IAWP Region 9 Coordinator Janet Wilson's original Ollie (The Seattle 2009 Mascot) in her pre-conference adventures I decided to pay the adoption fee (buy) an Ollie of my own. My Ollie is Oliver. Janet's is Olivia. My Ollie wears pink. Janet's Ollie wears green. My Ollie is very secure in himself so he wears his pink Seattle jersey proudly. He'll be looking for a Minneapolis hoodie soon. (Hint Minn Committee) He is looking forward to Minnesota in 2010. I have a brief photo chronicle of Ollie's journey to Vegas. The Post Conference Vegas visitor kept him company.

(More about the IAWP Vegas informal Post trip in the next post. Do not forget to check out the conference blog as I add more updates and final touches)

IAWP Members Make Vegas Post Conference

Several members from IAWP decided to make Las Vegas their Post Conference Destination. It was my pleasure to catch up with ladies from St. John, Newfoundland Canada while they took in the sun by the pool with the continued good weather we enjoyed in Seattle. Pool time, a Strip Show and shopping were on the menu of activities for these ladies. I caught up with them on their way to go see Cher at Ceasar's Palace. (That's me in the black hat)

IAWP member Grace O. from London, UK, former Region 17 Coordinator Ann Duncan and her husband Roland are also pictured.

Grace had planned to spend the days post conference with me to experience my "Las Vegas". Ann and Duncan decided since they were so close to Las Vegas (Seattle) that they would come and experience it too. So I set out to keep these IAWP members informed of activities and occupied while visiting. I took Grace, Ann and Duncan to The Palms on their first evening in Vegas. The Palms is well known for being frequented by High Profile American Celebrities and "The Beautiful People". We walked around on a Friday Evening before and after dinner. For anyone who is a people watcher this is a great experience. The Bright lights, pleasant scenery, rock music and sounds of gaming machines defintiely let's you know you are in Las Vegas, but it's the young hip Las Vegas. The Palms and Planet Hollywood casino are a must if you are looking for that type of atmosphere.

(More Photos and Info on Post Conference Vegas in the next Post)

Friday, October 02, 2009


Please keep the survivors and the family. friends and loved ones of the victims of the tsunamis in American Samoa, Samoa, and Indonesia in your prayers and thoughts. There were delegates from Indonesia at our Seattle Conference. When you are part of an international organization, when anything tragic happens around the world you start to wonder if any of your fellow members are affected by it. It makes the world, your world, much smaller. As an IAWP member you can say "we are the world". We are attempting to contact some of the Seattle conference attendees from that region to check on their well being. Keep checking back for more info on the possible needs of our colleagues in the affected areas and for updates on items related to the IAWP.
(Pitcures of some Seattle attendees)