Monday, August 03, 2009


Plan For September in Seattle. Time is of the essence. The IAWP Annual Training Conference is less then two months away. The beautiful Seattle weather, culture and people await us. The Conference Committee has been hard at work. This year promises to be an awesome experience.

The best investment you can make is in yourself. If your agency is not sending officers to out of state training, you can treat yourself. Training to enhance your job skills can be a tax write off in some countries. Check with your local revenue agency.

I hope everyone is having a good summer (winter for our Australian friends) and spending time with your family and friends. Some are enjoying unseasonable weather (like our conference host - Seattle) which saw 100 degree temps in July. This was a bit trying on a community that does not normally need any indoor climate control. The news reported air conditioners, fans and ice cream makers were selling out in all stores. Thankfully August is bringing more seasonable weather.

Even being from Vegas I was sensitive to their pain. We get 100 degree temps for up to six weeks or more in summer but it is a dry heat. Seattle has humidity. Picture steam room. Take good care to stay hydrated my friends.

Good news:

Region 18 Coordinator Hellen Alyek from Uganda is doing much better. She is very thankful for the thoughts and prayers that were sent her way during her recent illness. She is looking forward to seeing everyone in "The Emerald City" - Seattle.

Former IAWP Executive Director Julie Brunzell is also doing well and asking that those who are able to help out help with the fundraiser her co-workers have put together on behalf of her. They have put together a team to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-day Breast Cancer Walk to take place August 21 -23, 2009. The info is listed in my blog entry from June 4, 2009 entitled "On Behalf Of Julie".

I wish you all a safe and healthy week. I pray weekly for the membership of the IAWP and am available if you need specific prayer. I can be reached at . Prayer request are kept confidential unless you give permission for it to be published for other members to pray for you. The power of prayer is amazing. It can be very comforting and healing. This week I prayed for Peace. So peace I leave with you and all the blessings you can believe for.

Stay Safe


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