Saturday, June 27, 2009



I am glad to see you at our site. IAWP is a great organization filled with strong, confident, successful women and men in the law enforcement field. We live diverse, creative and productive lives and this is the place I look to report about them. If this is your first visit, welcome. I am glad you stopped by. Take some time to read the post about our members and law enforcement related activities. Get to know your fellow IAWP members. I ask that you also share about your self. If you have a current project you are involved in that you feel would be of interest to other members worldwide please share. Our membership is so diverse; from different countries, religions, law enforcement services, currently serving, retired, associate members and this blog is designed to connect us.

From time to time I will speak of things I am doing and am involved in with hopes that they will inspire you to share what is new with you in your area. You can send your ideas to me at

A great example is two of our IAWP board members are cruising as I type and I a looking forward to their cruise report when they return. With all the travelling I have done in my life I have yet to board a cruise. I have heard it is the best way to travel. I also understand IAWP Seattle Conference 2009 has a pre-conference Alaskan Cruise planned September 13 -20 which gets you back to Seattle with plenty of time to attend the conference. If you have not gone a cruise yet or love to cruise this will be an excellent opportunity to extend your training experience with a vacation.

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