Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today is the day in the US that we honor our fathers. All religious tomes and spiritual documents recognize the importance of honoring our fathers. Exodus 20:12 directs, "Honor your father and mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you." The Bible promises long life as your reward. By the power of first reference, this is the first time the word "Honor" is used in the Bible and it is towards your parents. Our familial structure was not an accident or a coincidence. The people who make up our families have been pre-ordain. On the shoulders of the Father great responsibility is placed.

We all come from different types of homes. Some had a father in their home as they grew up. Some did not. Some knew their father and he poured into their growth and success of their lives. Some did not. People accept responsibility differently. We can only be responsible for our actions. How we deal/dealt with our fathers. If he was not there for you and he is still alive, choose to be there for him in your adulthood. Choose to be a good child and honor your father. Forgive him for the past if he was not what you envisioned a father should be. Noone is perfect. We are all only human. Choose to pick up the phone and stay in touch. You never know if this Father's Day may be the last Father's Day you have to pick up the phone and call him.

This morning I woke up, looked up and I said "Happy Father's Day, Daddy". I spoke to heaven for my father passed away November 26, 2008. He went home to heaven (according to my spiritual belief) to be with our Heavenly Father. I can only speak to his departed spirit now. I miss talking to my father. As I look back I think, I wish I had talked to him more often. When he could respond, laugh and interact. My father was an awesome man. Successful and greatly loved. I consider it a compliment when people tell me I am a lot like my father or I look just like him. I am proud of my father. Today especially I honor my Father. Thank you Daddy for all you did to make my who I am. I thank God I was blessed to be your daughter and a part of your family.

Spend time with your dad today or give him a call. If he is no longer alive. Spend time with your family to honor his memory even if its just pulling out old photos and remebering the good times you shared with him. Keep those who spend this holiday in remebrance of a father who has passed away or a father who may be serving their country far away from home in your prayers. Make the most of this day for tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Have a Great Father's Day.

(This blog is In Honor of my father, Zellie Lee Dow Jr. May 6, 1945 - November 26, 2008) Pictured above.

Please keep IAWP members : Carolyn White (NLVPD), Regina Coward-Holman (LVMPD), Deb Nicholson (IAWP Seattle 2009 Conference Co-coordinator) and Anna Herman (IAWP Region 8 Coordinator) in your thoughts and prayers on this first Father's Day they spend without their fathers. (I am sorry if I left anyone out. Please know you too are in our thoughts and prayers.)

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