Saturday, May 02, 2009


I hope you enjoyed a happy Labor Day around the world. May 1 is often observed as Labor Day. Being that the IAWP is a global organization we know our members celebrate various holidays. For many this is a day to rejoice and be thankful they have a job to celebrate. For some it is a sad day because with the recent economic woes some may be without employment. I'd ask that we take a minute to think about those who are unemployed and their families. I'd ask you if you are so inclined, to pray for them, for future employment and an upturn in the international economy.

Some others may be preparing for May 5 "Cinco de Mayo" the day Mexico celebrate their independence. If this is a holiday you celebrate, party safely. I hope these celebrations will find you spending time with your family and friends.

May is also Breast Cancer Awareness month in the US. I urge you if you have not done so for this year to consult your physician for any necessary preventive screenings that may be available for you. Early Detection saves lives. There are many health heroes amongst the ranks of IAWP, Breast cancer and other type of cancer survivors. Be encourage by their strength. Know that just because you get diagnosed with cancer it does not mean your life will end. Be aggressive in your self care. Be consientious for your friends, family and loved ones. Believe you will be a survivor. Know you are not alone. Seek out support groups where you can learn from victors, other people who has been victorious over cancer. Have faith you will be well.

Please keep the health and well-being of our fellow IAWP members in prayer. Prayer has been proven to be beneficial during the healing process.

Have a great weekend. Stay Safe.

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