Monday, May 18, 2009


On May 7, 2009 LVMPD Officer James "Jaime" Manor lost his life in the line of duty in an automibile accident while responding to a Domestic Violence call. Today the men and women of the LVMPD are still in mourning. Mourning the loss of this strong young stand out citizen and officer. As more information comes out about Jaime, the deeper the loss is felt. Citizens and Officers whether they knew Jaime or not feel the empty hole left by the absence of his giving spirit. Hearing about his life is such an inspiration for Jaime's influence over young and old throughout the city.

We are Surviving Colleagues (and friends)

We are strong
We are solid
We have a heart
We feel loss
We hurt
We mourn
We bleed
We die
We are human
We are the ones who are suppose to make it better
We are the ones that come running when you are in need
We are the ones you call for help
Who makes it better for us
Who helps us mourn
Who lets us mourn
Who lets us be, human

We do.
We care for you as well as each other.
We minister to you as well as each other.
We greive with you as well as with each other.
We remember.
We honor.
We learn a lesson.
We teach the lesson.
We grow stronger and
We continue to serve

By Chaplain Tamia Dow

I want to thank US Senator Harry Reid (Democrat from NV) for his recognition of Officer Manor, all the fallen officers and all the currently serving officers of the United States. (And the world) This was featured on You Tube.

I call this blog "11 Days and counting" because Southern Nevada will be honoring our states fallen officers at a Memorial Service on Thursday May 21st at 7pm. This will be a very powerful service because the wound of our recent loss will not be close to healing. For those who are people of faith they can rest assured that Jaime's life was his legacy and know he is in service in a far better place. Rest In Peace, Jaime.

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