Friday, May 15, 2009


Thousand of our nation's law enforcement officers gathered on the lawn of our nations capitol to recognize our fallen officers and to honor and support their survivors. As the loved ones of these heroes stepped off the bus and until they were seated in their seat in front of the stage officer saluted their path. We all know that behind every great officer is a loving and supportive family, friends and co-workers. Today was their day. Today was their heroes day. Today is the day set aside nationally to honor our countries law enforcement's fallen warriors. The UK holds their memorial the last week in July and Australia's observance is around September 29.

They fought to the end to keep our streets safe.

Attorney General Eric Holder our nation's Top Cop took time to recognize the fallen not just today but on Wednesday night at the candlelight vigil. He takes his roll as General Holder very seriously. Holder shook the hands of the survivors and took picture with officers. He was very friendly and approachable.

Patty Labelle sang "the wind beneath my wings" which caused a standing ovation. She altered the lyrics to descibe the survivor's sacrifice. There are not many eager to join this survivor's club. They would gladly have their loved ones and return the medals.

The rain stayed at bay throughout our ceremony. The humidity and the heat was upon us. Officers in wool/polyester blend used washcloths to wipe the sweat from their brow. The umbrellas as mobile shade came in very handy. Officers arrived as early as 0800 to get good seats. The ceremony was to start at noon and run until 2:30-3pm. It started a little late and finished around 3pm. All the names of fallen were read and their families came forward to place a red flower in a memorial wreath. They were then greeted by distinguished guest to include General Holder.

Many were hoping for a visit by President Obama or First Lady Obama. The audience thought a quick drop by or a message from them on this memorial day would have been nice. America's police officers are our domestic soldiers protecting the shores of our country and the home front. In previous years President Bush attended the Capitol ceremony and greeted every survivor as Holder did today.

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