Sunday, May 24, 2009


Happy Memorial Day Early to my fellow Veterans (US Army Reserve 1987-1993). I am so excited. This has been the first memorial day in years that I have been in Las Vegas for and able to be recognized by my church, ICLV, as they recognize those who have served, are serving, and who lost their lives in service. I am thankful for the freedoms our service members defend for us daily.

I would encourage you to keep our Service members in your thoughts and prayers as we enjoy a national day off (in the US) to honor their service. Let your prayers include all those in service to their country worldwide.

For all the IAWP Veterans I say thank you for making the choice to serve in the military, thank you for your service in the military and thank you for your continued service by choosing to serve in your community and nation.

Pray for the families of the fallen who will have an empty seat this year at the table because their service member gave all (their life) for their fellow human and their country.


I pray those of us that are here to remember have a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY. I hope you are surrounded by loved ones as you celebrate.

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