Thursday, May 14, 2009


Good morning, indeed it is in our nations capitol though the sky is cloudy the sun is streaming through. The weather is in the high 60s. Its going to be a beautiful day. I began the day having breakfast with new friends I met here during police week. Dexter and Molly who are correction's officers from New York (Riker's Island). They and five other colleagues drove down to honor Corrections Officer KENNY MICHAEL DUNCAN who died as a result of a felonious assault. They attended last night's vigil and said it was both moving and memorable. They along with my mother and the hotel staff sang Happy Birthday to me and Molly was ready to provide the hotel's complimentary danish as my birthday cake. I passed as I had just finish a bagel. Thank you for the offer Molly.

Today is filled with many Police Week related events. The Honor Guard competition is underway, where honor guards from all over the country come to compete for honors. A parade will take place. Police will visit the NLEOM to visit the fallen and to read the sentiments and momentos that were left throughtout the week for these heroes. COPS is offering training for returning survivors offering guidance on dealing with life without their loved ones.

Tonight the 25th Annual COPS dinner will take place at the Grand Hyatt.

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