Saturday, May 16, 2009


The officers come from Police Departments, Sheriff's offices, Federal Agency, jail and prisons. They come to honor the fallen. They come to experience the brotherhood. They come to remember and take the lesson of safety and the vaule of life home to their own agencies. The value of family and loved ones. As you look into the faces of grieving widows and widowers, grieving young daughters and sons, grieving cousins and aunties, grieving co-workers; the attendees of the Peace Officers Memorial Service know why they had to be here this year. Many come every year. I sat next to an FOP member who has come eight times. He said he learns something new and the experience is unique each time. I also talked to a Beverly Hills PD Officer and he said his agency did not lose an officer this year. He and several officers from his agency came to participate in Police Week and to pay honor to the fallen. Many came for many different reason, the key is they came.

ON MAY 15 IN LAS VEGAS, NEVADA hundreds of officers and citizens gathered to honor Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer James "Jamie" Manor. It was broadcast via a streaming webfeed through the International Church of Las Vegas' (ICLV) SpiritFlowTV. Hundreds from all over the country watched the service on the web. Local Las Vegas Police Station's broadcasted it live.

Officer Manor is the 17th officer to die in the line of duty on the LVMPD. Officer Manor is the third officer in three years from the state Of Nevada to fall in the line of duty. Sergeant Henry Prendes and Trooper Kara Kelly - Borgognone preceeded him.

Washoe County Deputy and IAWP member Sita Singh attended the services as part of the State Honor Guard. She knew I was in Washington DC for the National Memorial and kept me posted on the procession. She knew how torn I was in that Officer Manor was killed in the line of duty the day before I left for Buffalo, New York to take my mother to visit my Grandmother's grave for Mother's Day. My mother then travelled with me to Washington DC to experience Police Week. Thank you Sita for your dedication to IAWP, the women and men of law enforcement and for your service on the Nevada State Police Honor Guard.

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