Wednesday, May 06, 2009


May is the Emerald month, meaning Emerald is the birthstone that symbolizes this month. I am a child of May born pretty solidly in the middle of the month. May is the month in the US that we honor and celebrate our mothers. It’s called Mother’s Day and this year it will be observed on Sunday May 10. For some this may be their first Mother’s Day without their beloved mother, for some distance may keep them from spending the day with their mother, for others there may be big plans in the works on how to spend that day. I can assure you the gift of your time will be most treasured by your mother. She will appreciate a visit, maybe take her to breakfast or lunch if she is close. Send her some flowers. IAWP members receive discounts when using From you Flowers ( The link and info is on the IAWP home page).

The Emerald is also a symbol for Seattle, Washington the site of the IAWP 2009 Fall Conference. Seattle is called the Emerald City like in the Classic Movie “The Wizard Of OZ” This Conference promises to be an awesome experience. Not only does the Conference Committee have great speakers, seminars and events planned for us but the city and surrounding area itself have so much to offer a conference attendee and their family. Be adventurous. Check out:
- Pike’s Peak and watch the guys throwing fish.
- The rain forest of the Olympic Mountains
- The pier and/or catch a water taxi
- The Space needle for sightseeing or dining
- The monorail
- A Seattle Mariners Game
- The Great Seafood, Dungenous crabs, gooy duck clams
- Orca Whales
- Wineries, Washington Wineries being one of the most famous, world reknown

* There is a Seattle Seahawks game on Sunday, Sept.27th against the Chicago Bears!
If you are not going on the post conference tour, but staying the weekend,you may want to stay for this game. Conference Director Beth Lavin will be calling the ticket office checking on group sales so if you are interested let Beth know.

* The New York Yankees are going to be playing the Seattle Mariners before the conference starts if you are planning to come in early you might want to look into that.


IAWP Region 13 Hosting it's first
Regional Conference, May 11-13, 2009
More Info on the IAWP Home Page.

Have a Great Day.

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