Saturday, May 30, 2009


Officer Down: Master Sergeant Steve Hood - Mississippi Department of Public Safety -Highway Patrol - 5/29/2009 Mississippi

Officer Down: Police Officer Omar J. Edwards - 5/28/2009 - NYPD - New York City, New York

Officer Down: Border Patrol Agent Cruz McGuire - 5/21/2009 - United States Department of Homeland Security - Customs and Border Protection - Border Patrol

Officer Down: Trooper Kyle P. Barber - 05/19/2009 - Raleigh, North Carolina

Officer Down: Deputy Sheriff Tom Wilson - 05/17/2009 - Vicksburg, Mississippi

Officer Down: Sergeant Dulan Earl Murray Jr. - 05/15/2009 - Nags Head, North Carolina

Officer Down: Detective Robert Eugene Beane - 05/08/2009 - DeRidder, Louisiana

Officer Down: Patrol Detective Justin Mullis - 05/08/2009 - French Lick, Indiana

Officer Down: Police Officer James Manor - 05/07/2009 -LVMPD - Las Vegas, Nevada

Officer Down: Detective Robert Eugene Beane - 05/05/2009 - Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office, Louisiana

Officer Down: Border Patrol Agent Intern Nathaniel A. Afolayan - 05/01/2009 - Artesia, New Mexico

To track US Line of Duty Deaths go to

Stay Safe.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Pictured is IAWP Life Member Retired Chief Kang Ja Kim of the South Korean National Police Agency.

"A Champion of Women, and a Defender of Girls" is the title of the 2003 New York Times Article featuring Chief Kang Ja Kim.

Chief Kim's first conference was in 2002 in Canberra. Kang Ja is a well respected readily recognized person with in the community of Seoul, South Korea. I met Kang Ja while visiting The US Army Garrison of Yongsan in Seoul, South Korea in June 2008. She joined me for lunch at the base's officer club. Through a translator I learned so much about her and her police experience in South Korea. She is currently a professor at the Hannam University teaching police administration.

Retired Chief Kang Ja Kim is IAWP in South Korea. Her loved ones, family members and colleagues are on high alert as many other countries are with the recent developments in North Korea. I will tell you more of Kang Ja's story later but right now I am asking you keep the Korean situation in your thoughts and prayers.

As an international association our membership is the world. We are the world.

Stay Safe.


Please keep Region 18 Coordinator Hellen Alyek of Uganda in your thoughts and prayers (Pictured here at Hellen's Shelter in Uganda, East Africa 2006). The specific of her condition cannot be released at this time. I will post further info later. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Hellen's contact information can be found on the IAWP site or in the Who's Who section of Women Police Magazine.


It is with great sadness I report the passing of the husband of IAWP Region 18 member Grace (Ekeke) Chukwu of Nigeria (and Addison, Texas, USA), Mr. Gift Ejike Chukwu . They were newly weds having been married one year, one month and one day. They were college sweethearts. They were married on April 5, 2008 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Grace joined her husband in Texas. He was an Electrical Engineer and worked for a Telecommunications Company in Dallas, Texas where he was a resident.

Grace's husband died as the result of a tragic car accident on May 6, 2009. Gift was killed by an 18 Wheeled truck along I-45 in Kemper County, MS.

Please keep Grace, her family, her husband's family, friends and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.

CONTACT INFO for Grace :

Gift and Grace Chukwu
3800 Spring Valley Road, #228
Addison, TX 75001

Grace you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Rest In Peace Mr. Gift Ejike Chukwu

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Happy Memorial Day Early to my fellow Veterans (US Army Reserve 1987-1993). I am so excited. This has been the first memorial day in years that I have been in Las Vegas for and able to be recognized by my church, ICLV, as they recognize those who have served, are serving, and who lost their lives in service. I am thankful for the freedoms our service members defend for us daily.

I would encourage you to keep our Service members in your thoughts and prayers as we enjoy a national day off (in the US) to honor their service. Let your prayers include all those in service to their country worldwide.

For all the IAWP Veterans I say thank you for making the choice to serve in the military, thank you for your service in the military and thank you for your continued service by choosing to serve in your community and nation.

Pray for the families of the fallen who will have an empty seat this year at the table because their service member gave all (their life) for their fellow human and their country.


I pray those of us that are here to remember have a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY. I hope you are surrounded by loved ones as you celebrate.

Monday, May 18, 2009


On May 7, 2009 LVMPD Officer James "Jaime" Manor lost his life in the line of duty in an automibile accident while responding to a Domestic Violence call. Today the men and women of the LVMPD are still in mourning. Mourning the loss of this strong young stand out citizen and officer. As more information comes out about Jaime, the deeper the loss is felt. Citizens and Officers whether they knew Jaime or not feel the empty hole left by the absence of his giving spirit. Hearing about his life is such an inspiration for Jaime's influence over young and old throughout the city.

We are Surviving Colleagues (and friends)

We are strong
We are solid
We have a heart
We feel loss
We hurt
We mourn
We bleed
We die
We are human
We are the ones who are suppose to make it better
We are the ones that come running when you are in need
We are the ones you call for help
Who makes it better for us
Who helps us mourn
Who lets us mourn
Who lets us be, human

We do.
We care for you as well as each other.
We minister to you as well as each other.
We greive with you as well as with each other.
We remember.
We honor.
We learn a lesson.
We teach the lesson.
We grow stronger and
We continue to serve

By Chaplain Tamia Dow

I want to thank US Senator Harry Reid (Democrat from NV) for his recognition of Officer Manor, all the fallen officers and all the currently serving officers of the United States. (And the world) This was featured on You Tube.

I call this blog "11 Days and counting" because Southern Nevada will be honoring our states fallen officers at a Memorial Service on Thursday May 21st at 7pm. This will be a very powerful service because the wound of our recent loss will not be close to healing. For those who are people of faith they can rest assured that Jaime's life was his legacy and know he is in service in a far better place. Rest In Peace, Jaime.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The officers come from Police Departments, Sheriff's offices, Federal Agency, jail and prisons. They come to honor the fallen. They come to experience the brotherhood. They come to remember and take the lesson of safety and the vaule of life home to their own agencies. The value of family and loved ones. As you look into the faces of grieving widows and widowers, grieving young daughters and sons, grieving cousins and aunties, grieving co-workers; the attendees of the Peace Officers Memorial Service know why they had to be here this year. Many come every year. I sat next to an FOP member who has come eight times. He said he learns something new and the experience is unique each time. I also talked to a Beverly Hills PD Officer and he said his agency did not lose an officer this year. He and several officers from his agency came to participate in Police Week and to pay honor to the fallen. Many came for many different reason, the key is they came.

ON MAY 15 IN LAS VEGAS, NEVADA hundreds of officers and citizens gathered to honor Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer James "Jamie" Manor. It was broadcast via a streaming webfeed through the International Church of Las Vegas' (ICLV) SpiritFlowTV. Hundreds from all over the country watched the service on the web. Local Las Vegas Police Station's broadcasted it live.

Officer Manor is the 17th officer to die in the line of duty on the LVMPD. Officer Manor is the third officer in three years from the state Of Nevada to fall in the line of duty. Sergeant Henry Prendes and Trooper Kara Kelly - Borgognone preceeded him.

Washoe County Deputy and IAWP member Sita Singh attended the services as part of the State Honor Guard. She knew I was in Washington DC for the National Memorial and kept me posted on the procession. She knew how torn I was in that Officer Manor was killed in the line of duty the day before I left for Buffalo, New York to take my mother to visit my Grandmother's grave for Mother's Day. My mother then travelled with me to Washington DC to experience Police Week. Thank you Sita for your dedication to IAWP, the women and men of law enforcement and for your service on the Nevada State Police Honor Guard.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Thousand of our nation's law enforcement officers gathered on the lawn of our nations capitol to recognize our fallen officers and to honor and support their survivors. As the loved ones of these heroes stepped off the bus and until they were seated in their seat in front of the stage officer saluted their path. We all know that behind every great officer is a loving and supportive family, friends and co-workers. Today was their day. Today was their heroes day. Today is the day set aside nationally to honor our countries law enforcement's fallen warriors. The UK holds their memorial the last week in July and Australia's observance is around September 29.

They fought to the end to keep our streets safe.

Attorney General Eric Holder our nation's Top Cop took time to recognize the fallen not just today but on Wednesday night at the candlelight vigil. He takes his roll as General Holder very seriously. Holder shook the hands of the survivors and took picture with officers. He was very friendly and approachable.

Patty Labelle sang "the wind beneath my wings" which caused a standing ovation. She altered the lyrics to descibe the survivor's sacrifice. There are not many eager to join this survivor's club. They would gladly have their loved ones and return the medals.

The rain stayed at bay throughout our ceremony. The humidity and the heat was upon us. Officers in wool/polyester blend used washcloths to wipe the sweat from their brow. The umbrellas as mobile shade came in very handy. Officers arrived as early as 0800 to get good seats. The ceremony was to start at noon and run until 2:30-3pm. It started a little late and finished around 3pm. All the names of fallen were read and their families came forward to place a red flower in a memorial wreath. They were then greeted by distinguished guest to include General Holder.

Many were hoping for a visit by President Obama or First Lady Obama. The audience thought a quick drop by or a message from them on this memorial day would have been nice. America's police officers are our domestic soldiers protecting the shores of our country and the home front. In previous years President Bush attended the Capitol ceremony and greeted every survivor as Holder did today.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Concerns of Police Survivors celebrated their 25th anniversary tonight at The Grand Hyatt in Washington DC. 25 years of rebuilding shattered lives. Membership in the police survivor club comes at a high price, the cost of the life of a loved one in the line of duty. The survivor stories were powerful and diverse. We heard from a surviving co-worker Kirk Clark, a surviving father Mike Pavelka, a surviving spouse Yvette Wallace, a surviving sibling Carol Botts of the Arapaho Tribe who also sign the Lord's prayer in her native language, a surviving mother Shirley Gibson who was the first black president of National COPS, and a surviving son Eric Strzalkowski who lost his father as an infant and recently join a Florida police department following in his father footsteps. Eric and several other young adult came on stage one by one announcing they are "the future of COPS". They showed their commitment to reach out and pull up the new survivors to help them deal with their loss and to be the living memorial of their fallen loved one. Eric had gone to many of COPS youth camp experiences and after he was older he went to Outward Bound which is the teen program.

COPS provides support and retreats to help survivors heal. The ceremony lasted until 11pm and as the Executive director Suzie Sawyer mentioned it has to be a good cause for people to stick around through such late hours to the end.

Tomorrow is the National Peace Officers' Memorial Service at the US Capitol.


Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

The men and women of law enforcement have taken over the streets of Washington DC. It's all about those who gave all. To honor their memory and their service. The Hard Rock seemed to be a top destination of choice. Memorial t-shirts like walking billboards of honor filled the restaurant. The Hard Rock itself specially designed pins for police week.

LOVE ALL, Serve All is the Hard Rock motto and the creed of those we honor this week. These officers died in service of their community; young and old, female and male, white, black, asian, hispanic they see no age, no race, no gender. In their servant's heart they saw only justice. They STOOD and fell in the battle between good and evil. Protecting the line that exist between law abiding citizens and violent criminals. Defending our freedoms at home (domestically).


Good morning, indeed it is in our nations capitol though the sky is cloudy the sun is streaming through. The weather is in the high 60s. Its going to be a beautiful day. I began the day having breakfast with new friends I met here during police week. Dexter and Molly who are correction's officers from New York (Riker's Island). They and five other colleagues drove down to honor Corrections Officer KENNY MICHAEL DUNCAN who died as a result of a felonious assault. They attended last night's vigil and said it was both moving and memorable. They along with my mother and the hotel staff sang Happy Birthday to me and Molly was ready to provide the hotel's complimentary danish as my birthday cake. I passed as I had just finish a bagel. Thank you for the offer Molly.

Today is filled with many Police Week related events. The Honor Guard competition is underway, where honor guards from all over the country come to compete for honors. A parade will take place. Police will visit the NLEOM to visit the fallen and to read the sentiments and momentos that were left throughtout the week for these heroes. COPS is offering training for returning survivors offering guidance on dealing with life without their loved ones.

Tonight the 25th Annual COPS dinner will take place at the Grand Hyatt.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


21st Annual Law Enforcement Candlelight Vigil - NLEOM, Washinghton, DC

Everywhere I went in DC, in Arlington, in Alexandria there were uniformed officers, marked police motorcycles and bike cyclist wear their police shirts or PUT uniforms. It was surreal to see so many shades of blue, brown, tan, khaki and green. Local city, county, state, federal police and corrections personnel converging on one place at one time for one purpose to honor the fallen.

The NLEOM began filling around 5pm in preparation for the 8pm Candlelight Vigil. Officers wearing tee shirts, hats and pins with photos and phrases referring to their fallen officer. Family members and co-workers placed momentos, letters, wreaths and token in front of the panel honoring their officer. The person behind the name permenantly memorialized on this tributary. In 2008 we lost 133 officer according to the NLEOM in the line of duty over two hundred additional officers were added that had recently been discovered.

Each survivor of a fallen officer in 2008 was escorted to reserved seating near the events stage. They were given a nice NLEOM bag which contained a program and a ceremony program.

The faces that stood out were those of the children. I noticed a tall fifteen to sixteen year old young man who clearly had on his Father's suit coat. It may be the comfort a child needs when they know they will no longer see their father again. They want anything that reminds them of their lost loved one.

A young eight year old girl staring at the flickering light of her candle as if it truly represented her fallen officer. As if it represnted the mom or dad that would not be home tonight or make her next recital, or help her build her doll house or take her to see Mickey at Disneyland. Seraching for answers in the light.

US Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. gave the keynote speech. This nationas Top Cop told mourners to "grieve but reject dispair" he commended the fallen saying, "They served and sacrificed for a cause far greater than themselves"

COPS National President Jennifer Thacker spoke and encouraged the survivors to be a living memorial of their lost loved one. To live so that they uphold the heroes creed. A living Memorial, I like that so I title this blog that. The advice works for survivors of a Line Of Duty death or a survivor of a lost family member. Love them and be present with them while they are still alive and honor their memory with a life well lived and in service to other. Jennifer helped set up COPS which has helped thousands over the pass 25 years.

Lt. Randy Sutton of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sang the National Anthem

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As I ascended the escalators of the Judiciary Square Metro Station in Washington DC I was greeted by clear blue skies, sun and many blue and light blue colored decorations around the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Site. The beautiful bronze lions and cubs greeted me at the entrance to the walls which bear the names of the fallen heroes of Law Enforcement. Their names etched in stone, in memorium.

Heroes live forever in our hearts

Around 3pm sirens could be heard as the men and women of the Police Unit Tour (PUT)arrived at the NLEOM. A thousand women and men rode 250 to 300 miles from various spots in our nation on behalf of fallen officers. Each PUT rider needed $1500 in sponsorship to participate. The participants raised over 1.3 million.

The faces of these men and women as they completed their rides and rode their motors and bikes through the crowd and through the names in the memorial were priceless. The crowd cheered them as they came through. We gave them heroes' welcomes. Cheering and clapping and announcing words of encouragement. It takes a very strong and determine person to complete the PUT. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. They are from good stock and definitely make their agency and the country proud of indeed.

It was my honor to see these women and men arrive. Many people miss this event during police week with so many activities scheduled. This is a "must see". It is very rewarding and worth attending.

The PUT motto is "We ride for those who died"


The funeral service for Officer James "Jamie" Manor will be held on May 15, 2009 (Peace Officer's Memorial Day) in Las Vegas, Nevada at the International Church of Las Vegas (my home church) at 1000 hours. All are welcome to honor Jamie's life. The church is located in Summerlin at 8100 Westcliff west of Buffalo.


Today The Washington Times posted in the middle of the front page a headline "For Brothers In Arms". It shows Retired Capitol Police Officer Larry Gaines saluting a wreath placed in honor of the 185 officers lost in the line of duty last year. The weather is nice for this week of visiting the NLEOM and to spend time in reflection on the lives of these fallen heroes.

It was Oct 1, 1962 that a Joint Resolution authorized the President to proclaim May 15 of each year as Peace Officer Memorial Day and the calendar week of each year during in which May 15 occurs as Police Week.

Today at 2pm the Police Unity Tour will ride into the NLEOM. These officers over a thousand in numbers cycle for many days from all over the country riding long distances to honor our fallen. If you can be there for there arrival it will be worth the sight.

Monday, May 11, 2009


May 10 - 16 2009 is National Police Week. Many police related events are planned throughout the country yet the biggest observance takes place in Washington DC. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Concerned of Police Survivors (COPS) and many more plan acitivites for serving officers, fallen officers and their survivors. In this week the Officers who have fallen in the Line of Duty from 2008 will be honored. Men and women who paid the ultimate price and gave their life in service of their fellow man.

Three highlights of the events in this upcoming week are:

The 21st Annual Candlelight Vigil that will be held on May 13, 2009 at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial site in Judiciary Square (400 block of E Street, NW, Washington, DC) at 8pm. This year the ceremony will be broadcasted live on (Make sure to log on early incase there are registration requirements.)

Concerns of Police Survivors’ (COPS) 25th Anniversary Celebration of Rebuilding Shattered Lives held Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 6pm at The Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel located at 1000 H Street, NW – Washington, DC. (a fundraiser)

The 28th Annual National Peace Officers' Memorial Day Service begins at noon on Friday May 15, 2009 on the west lawn of the US Capitol. It pays a special tribute to law enforcement's fallen warriors.

I hope you are able to attend some of these events. If you are unable to attend keep checking here, I will be posting daily about Police Week Activities.

Stay Safe


Mother’s hold their children’s hands for but a short time, yet they hold their hearts forever. (Author unknown)

No gift to your mother can equal hers to you she gave you the gift of life.

To all the Mother's of the IAWP I wish you a Happy Mother's Day and I hope everyone was able to celebrate their mothers (in person or in memory). Have a great day and a productive week.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


It is with great sadness I report the loss of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer James Manor in a line of duty car accident that occurred at 0042 hours this morning. Officer Manor has been with the LVMPD for just shy of two years and worked out of the Enterprise Area Command which is located in the Southwest area of Las Vegas. Off icer Manor leaves behind a young daughter and numerous family members. Officer Manor was 28 years old. He was born and raised in Las Vegas and graduated from Clark High School.

The death of Officer Manor is a profound loss to the LVMPD and the community as a whole. Please keep his family, friends, and co-workers in your prayers. Please also remember the medical first responders and the hospital staff that worked diligently to save Officer Manor’s life. This tragedy will be mourned for a long time to come.

The Injured Police Officers Fund has establish an account for anyone who would like to make a donation to the family of Officer James Manor, P#10027.

The account information is:

Officer Down Account for James Manor

Nevada State Bank - Account # 602029555

Today at noon the Nevada State Police memorial ceremony took place in Carson City. By 1015 am IAWP Region 10 Member, Washoe County Deputy and Nevada State honor guard member Sita Singh called me to send her condolences on the loss of Officer manor, to see how I was doing and to check and see how the officers of the LVMPD are doing. She quickly said, “I will be down for the memorial”. Sita came to Las Vegas as part of the honor guard in 2006 when the LVMPD lost our last officer in the line of duty my friend Sgt. Henry Prendes (Dec 31, 1968 - Feb 1, 2006) I have the full page ad the Sheriff posted in the Las Vegas Review Journal posted in my home. I will somberly add Officer Manor.

Police Week

May 10, 2009 begins Police Week, a national observance which takes place in Washington, DC. Locally all commissioned police officers (regardless of assignments) if on duty they will don their police agency uniform during one day this month. Though the final arrangements for Officer Manor have not been announced, it would appear he will be honored and laid to rest during Police Week.

Stay Safe

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


May is the Emerald month, meaning Emerald is the birthstone that symbolizes this month. I am a child of May born pretty solidly in the middle of the month. May is the month in the US that we honor and celebrate our mothers. It’s called Mother’s Day and this year it will be observed on Sunday May 10. For some this may be their first Mother’s Day without their beloved mother, for some distance may keep them from spending the day with their mother, for others there may be big plans in the works on how to spend that day. I can assure you the gift of your time will be most treasured by your mother. She will appreciate a visit, maybe take her to breakfast or lunch if she is close. Send her some flowers. IAWP members receive discounts when using From you Flowers ( The link and info is on the IAWP home page).

The Emerald is also a symbol for Seattle, Washington the site of the IAWP 2009 Fall Conference. Seattle is called the Emerald City like in the Classic Movie “The Wizard Of OZ” This Conference promises to be an awesome experience. Not only does the Conference Committee have great speakers, seminars and events planned for us but the city and surrounding area itself have so much to offer a conference attendee and their family. Be adventurous. Check out:
- Pike’s Peak and watch the guys throwing fish.
- The rain forest of the Olympic Mountains
- The pier and/or catch a water taxi
- The Space needle for sightseeing or dining
- The monorail
- A Seattle Mariners Game
- The Great Seafood, Dungenous crabs, gooy duck clams
- Orca Whales
- Wineries, Washington Wineries being one of the most famous, world reknown

* There is a Seattle Seahawks game on Sunday, Sept.27th against the Chicago Bears!
If you are not going on the post conference tour, but staying the weekend,you may want to stay for this game. Conference Director Beth Lavin will be calling the ticket office checking on group sales so if you are interested let Beth know.

* The New York Yankees are going to be playing the Seattle Mariners before the conference starts if you are planning to come in early you might want to look into that.


IAWP Region 13 Hosting it's first
Regional Conference, May 11-13, 2009
More Info on the IAWP Home Page.

Have a Great Day.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


I hope you enjoyed a happy Labor Day around the world. May 1 is often observed as Labor Day. Being that the IAWP is a global organization we know our members celebrate various holidays. For many this is a day to rejoice and be thankful they have a job to celebrate. For some it is a sad day because with the recent economic woes some may be without employment. I'd ask that we take a minute to think about those who are unemployed and their families. I'd ask you if you are so inclined, to pray for them, for future employment and an upturn in the international economy.

Some others may be preparing for May 5 "Cinco de Mayo" the day Mexico celebrate their independence. If this is a holiday you celebrate, party safely. I hope these celebrations will find you spending time with your family and friends.

May is also Breast Cancer Awareness month in the US. I urge you if you have not done so for this year to consult your physician for any necessary preventive screenings that may be available for you. Early Detection saves lives. There are many health heroes amongst the ranks of IAWP, Breast cancer and other type of cancer survivors. Be encourage by their strength. Know that just because you get diagnosed with cancer it does not mean your life will end. Be aggressive in your self care. Be consientious for your friends, family and loved ones. Believe you will be a survivor. Know you are not alone. Seek out support groups where you can learn from victors, other people who has been victorious over cancer. Have faith you will be well.

Please keep the health and well-being of our fellow IAWP members in prayer. Prayer has been proven to be beneficial during the healing process.

Have a great weekend. Stay Safe.