Friday, August 31, 2018

See you in Alaska

Final message from IAWP Chaplain Tamia Dow 

Thank you, Calgary 2018 

I am so grateful for a full, educational and successful conference. 

Very thankful for All the dignitaries, trainers, volunteers, service staff and delegates that made the conference an amazing success. 

I am especially grateful for our Calgary Conference Committee and the Calgary Police Service. 

Job Well Done Sueanne Ford and Bev Voros !!! 

Congratulations to our new Board Of Directors. We look forward to many new and exciting things. 

I pray everyone will take the experiences and information they have gained from this conference and share it with their colleagues in law enforcement to help raise the profile of women law enforcement professionals and advance the call for peace & safety worldwide. 

Raise up, Shine and Empower those around you to do the same, brave Change Leaders. 

Be there, Be an ear, Be a hand to help up everyone placed in your circle of influence. 

Let them know they are not alone. 

We are a global sisterhood (& brotherhood) that will always support each other with prayers and service. 

I pray for peace and safety throughout the world and ask that the schemes of evil doers be stopped and their plans foiled. 

I pray everyone has safe travels home or on their continued travel excursions and encourage you to stay in touch with everyone you’ve connected with at this conference.

TOGETHER we can greatly serve the world.  

Blessings of love, divine guidance, direction and sound judgement as you return to your agencies and to your duties.

May the Lord Bless you and keep you until we see each other again.  

Next year Alaska #IAWP 2019 

Stay Safe !!! 

Thank you for allowing me to serve you as your Chaplain. 

Tamia Dow
IAWP Chaplain
@ChaplainDow on FB and Twitter. 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Safe Travel Wishes - Calgary 2018

Good Morning, 
Good Afternoon, 
Good Evening, 
to you wherever you are in the world. 

I know many are traveling at this time to our Annual Conference in Calgary or back home from personal family holidays. 

Your Calgary Conference Committee is eagerly preparing for your visit and your Board Of Directors are enroute for their preconference Board Meeting. 

I pray you have safe travels and wonderful travel memories along the way. 

Remember to make the most of every hiccup or delay along the way. When something unexpected occurs ask yourself “what’s the lesson here ?”  Then pause a moment before reacting. A travel delay, a noisy or disruptive seatmate and other inconveniences could be blessings in disguise. Make them so. Figure out “How Can I respond to this situation showing grace, understanding and leadership ?
You never know who you are dealing with or who you are sitting next to, so treat everyone with respect even if they are not showing you the same respect. 

We set the tone of our atmosphere, not the other way around. So shine your light. Be the example. Help make your journey as pleasant as possible by being determined to bring your own joy 😀

Also bring your department’s patches, pins, challenge coins and other gifts that you can share or trade with your friends (old and new ) at the conference. 

I challenge you to meet ten (10) new people at this conference. 

Have a conversation with them. Find out about them and their department. What their work day consist of. What their most interesting challenge at work is and what their favorite task is.  Simply enjoy the company of your fellow delegates and get to know them. 

Please also look for me, say hello and let’s take a selfie. 

I am very excited to see your safe arrival in Calgary. 

See you soon. 

Tamia Dow

IAWP Chaplain 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tragic Post Police Week Loses

Bereavement Announcement 

Vehicles as the weapon. 

Tragic beginning to the week. 

It is the first week after the United States’ Police Week Celebration which was held in Washington, DC and throughout the country.  Unfortunately there was no respite from violent attacks against Police Officers. 

On Sunday May 20 the Unfathomable happened when one of our sisters in law enforcement became the fatal victim of Domestic Violence when her father is reported to have deliberately drove his car into a restaurant she was dining in murdering her and her sister in law. 

Please pray for the family, friend and colleagues of Gaston County Sheriff (NC) Corporal Katelyn Self. 

On Monday another one of our sisters in law enforcement was brutally murder by a vehicle while on duty in Baltimore County (MD).

Police Officer Amy Caprio was run over by a teenage burglary suspect while attempting to stop he and his friends from fleeing her investigation. She was rushed to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. 

Officer Caprio is the first female Officer to die in the line of duty in the history of the Baltimore County Police Department. 

Please keep the family, friends and colleagues of Officer Caprio in your prayers. 

Today we also remember the slaying of another sister in law enforcement Cheshire Police Officer Elaine McIver who lost her life while attending an Arianna Grande Concert in Manchester UK.  She and all those who lost their lives at this concert remain in our thoughts and prayers. 

It’s important that we are vigilant in all we do. We never know from where an attack may come. Staying Alert is key. Sadly a sign of the times is that we are never off duty and can become a target at anytime. 

I encourage you to talk with your family and friends to prepare them for the unthinkable. No where is safe. No one is safe from the violence of this age. 

Attacks are happening at malls, at schools, at places of worship; places formerly considered safe venues are now being assaulted more and more often. 

We must prepare for a “When” not “if “ scenario when it comes to potential threats. 

This life is full of endless possible occurrences. We must not live our lives in fear. Mental preparation is our strength. Let’s learn from the lessons of our fallen.  

Each time one of our sisters or brothers in law enforcement is injured or loses their life we must study the situation and learn from it. This is what the attackers do. 

They take up the mantle of chaos and violence, we carry the shield of Peace and the mantle of Order (in enforcement of the law of the land ). 

As we say goodbye to these brave warriors let us “live alert” in their honor.
We will be adding Corporal Self and Officer Caprio to our IAWP memorial site 
and honoring them at our annual memorial ceremony at our Annual Conference in Calgary. 

I pray for safety and protection over you all. 

In your service,
Tamia Dow 
IAWP Chaplain 

Chaplain Dow on Facebook, Twitter and 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Follow the inner prompt

Happy Tuesday. 

I attended the memorial service of my friend RuthAnn Sesto. Four days before she passed I saw her at church and was able to get my last healing hug from her. 

Please remember regardless of your age or perceived circumstance tomorrow is not promised to any of us. 

You never know when you will be having your last conversation with a friend or seeing your loved one for the last time. 

Live each day to the fullest. If God puts someone on your heart, reach out to them. You never know if they are in need of your healing touch, wisdom or kind words. Only God knows our last day, our last hour, our last experience. 

Many of us shared about our last Sunday with RuthAnn. We all in reflection found it a very directed and memorable experience because she said or did something special for each one of us. She in essence said her goodbyes and we did not realize it. 

I encourage you to make the most of each encounter or telephone call or prompting to connect with someone as if it’s the last time you will interact with them because it may be For You or For Them. 

Bless you all 🙏

Friday, March 30, 2018

A Holy Weekend and Happy Holiday Greeting

Happy Early Year Holiday Greetings 

I do know it’s not Spring time for all our members yet. I send warm greetings to all whichever season your country may be in. 

There are many celebrations going on this time of year and I am sending well wishes and blessings for this new season.

Many families are celebrating a break for school holidays.

Today is Good Friday as part of the Christian Holy Week with Easter following on Sunday (the Orthodox observed another week). 

This evening also marks the beginning of Passover for our Jewish members. 

Whether you celebrate with candles, chocolate and/or church/synagogue attendance do enjoy your family time and fellowship  with your friends. 

Keep our colleagues who are not off during the holidays in your prayers. We pray for peace, safety and wisdom for all who will be covering the watch. 

Please spend time with your loved ones. We are not meant to live this life alone. I pray you will have an amazing Holiday season. 


Tamia Dow
IAWP Chaplain 
Twitter @ChaplainDow
Chaplain Dow